Effect of BioPlus YC probiotic on the fatty acid profile and lipid indices in pork

„Goluch Z., Wereńska M., Wołoszyn J., Rybarczyk A., Okruszek A., Teleszko M., Haraf G.  2020. Effect of BioPlus YC probiotic on the fatty acid profile and lipid indices in pork.  J. Elem., 25(3): 973 - 991. DOI:10.5601/jelem.2020.25.2.1996”

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2020.25.2.1996

The objective of this study was to assess how probiotic bacteria added to diets of 60 hybrid barrows (Landrace–Yorkshire x Duroc) affected the basic chemical composition of meat, the fatty acid profile of intramuscular fat (IMF), m. longissimus lumborum (LL) and lipid quality indices, because IMF cannot be removed before consumption and this inevitably has an impact on human health. After 78 days, the pigs were divided into the control group (CT, n=30) and the experimental group (BP, n=30), which until 97 days of rearing were supplied with BioPlus YC probiotic (Bacillus licheniformis DSM 5749 and Bacillus subtilis DSM 5750). After slaughter, 12 carcasses of similar weight (90 ± 5 kg) from each group were selected for testing. Supplementation with probiotic Bacillus did not affect the basic chemical composition of meat. It was established that BioPlus YC had a significant impact on capric (C10:0) (0.08 vs. 0.13), eicosatrienoic (C20:3 n-3) (1.76 vs. 2.14) and SPUFA n- 3 acids (1.88 vs. 2.41), causing a reduction in their percentage, which was thereby different than in the CT group. Among lipid quality indices, IMF LL of pigs from the BP group, the thrombogenicity index (TI) was characterized by a significantly (P≤0.01) higher value than in the CT group (1.08 vs. 0.99). These results suggest that further research is needed to study differences in compounds affecting the fatty acid profile of pork, and to confirm the association of the lipid profile with the use of BioPlus YC probiotic in pig fattening.  

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Słowa kluczowe: pig, meat, probiotic, fatty acid, lipid quality indices


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